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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions below. Contact us for more information or any additional queries you may have.

General Questions

What qualifications do I need to enrol?

Qualifications are not necessary for enrollment. Whether you have no credits, Level 1, or even Level 2 NCEA, we have options available for you. We will assess your reading level to ensure you can progress within our system.

What are the costs involved?

✅ No course costs
✅ No stationary costs
✅ No uniform costs 
✅ Bus card provided to pay for travel to and from the course 

Even though the Youth Guarantee covers fees, there might be costs for materials etc. We see to cover all costs.

How long does the program take to complete?

3-12 months. However, this depends on your progress and it may take up to a year should you not progress at the rate we typically see from having small numbers of students to tutors. We have scholarship opportunities available that encourage students to be productive and progress as fast as they are capable of. 

What are the course hours and schedule like?

There are full-time, part-time and flexible options available. 

There are no school holidays. The school hours are 8:30am - 3:15pm, Monday - Friday. You get Friday off after your first two weeks if you can achieve the three credits a week of theory required.

What if I already have part-time work?

Your work is likely to be assisting you with your learning and development so we wish to support that. In some of our programmes, we can work around your work hours and it will need to be a conversation with you to establish if we can. We do have options of part-time and maintaining your enrollment requires you to be achieving credits and getting work done. 

What support services do you offer for students? E.g. career counselling, learning support etc.) 

We seek to provide all the support possible for our students, in house we expect students to achieve a programme in "Just a Thought" to assist in their mental health. We also have a good knowledge of how to help students in any areas they need support with. We additionally work on a "Here to There" document that assists in providing next steps. 

NZQA Unit Standards

Which NZQA Unit Standards are offered in this program?

We can provide a list of each programme and remove any that you may have already achieved.

How many Unit Standards do I need to complete?

We aim to have you complete your NCEA which requires 80 credits and 20 must be Literacy and Numeracy. You can get 80-120 credits depending on the programme. 

What happens if I don't achieve a Unit Standard?

We work with you until you do. Additionally, we have pre assessments that are open book to be sure we know that you are prepared.

Can I use the credits from the Unit Standard towards other qualifications?

Yes and the credits you get in the start will count towards both your Retail L2 Qualification and L2 NCEA. In the Salon the next units count towards both your NCEA L2 and Salon Skills L2 Qualification. In Tourism, this will also occur.

Youth Guarantee

Am I eligible for the Youth Guarantee program?

If you are 16-24 years old without any Level 3 qualifications, it is very likely that you are eligible. We do require an informal interview and check off a range of things before we can confirm your eligibility. 

How does Youth Guarantee funding work?

As a private provider, we are paid for you to achieve any of these qualifications with our organisation. We are committed to your achievement. 

What documentation do I need to apply for Youth Guarantee?

If possible, we will need your birth certificate or a passport. Alternatively, we can work with you to get your birth certificate. 

Additional Questions

What are the career opportunities after completing this program?

There are many opportunities to get into the service industry. The service industries can be broken into two key areas: 

a) Hospitality and Tourism: Hotels, restaurants, cafes, travel agencies, tour guides, adventure and tourist experiences, airlines and event planning. 

b) Retail and Personal Services: This includes shops, hairdressers, barbers, gyms, salons and cleaning services. 

What are the next steps after completing the program?

Everyone is an individual in our programmes and we will work with you along the way to be sure you have decided on where you want to go to next.

Do you help us get to and from course?

Yes! We will provide you with a bus card or fuel vouchers if you live out of town.

What age do I need to be?

16 - 24 or if you're under 15 you will need an exemption. Talk to us about this if it applies to you. 

Do I have to wear a uniform?

We provide a uniform for you to wear during practical assessments however, the rest of the time you can be in casual clothes. 

Where is the course located?

We have two different locations within Rotorua. 

Salon Skills: 1109 Tutanakai Street (Eat Street)

Tourism: 1071 Hinemoa Street 

How is this different to school?

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