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We are very different to school!

The only way for you to understand how different it is, is to visit us, take a look around and discuss your options. 

Why are we different to school?

Small numbers of students

Small class sizes ensure individual attention, fostering an engaging learning environment for optimal student success.

Tutors that have worked in the industry they are tutoring 

Benefit from tutors' industry expertise, providing practical insights and guidance tailored to real-world scenarios.

No costs for extras, and support with travel costs 

Enjoy cost-free supplementary services and travel support, ensuring accessibility and minimizing financial barriers to education.

Develop skills that assist you to work in any of the Service Industries

We work with you to develop your potential employability. Building skills of self-management , teamwork, positive attitude, thinking skills, communication, willingness to learn and resilience are the keys to success. 

Focus on achievement with rewards for exceptional achievement 

We assist your motivation to achieve through rewarding exceptional progress. 

Treated like a young adult 

Experience respectful treatment and empowerment, fostering independence and responsibility in a supportive learning community.